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As safe as it can get. We'll be manually promoting your page just as if you were doing it yourself daily. Any mentions or increases in fans and reach will be organically achieved through our marketing efforts.
Unfortunately we cannot split a single order between multiple pages. However, we do provide bulk discounts for these type of orders, reach out to us through our contact page with your goals, and we'll give you a quote with your discount applied.
Our standard services are worldwide; this means you may receive users from various countries. We try to promote your page to an English speaking audience, but ultimately, we cannot control what kind of people want to see your content with this worldwide audience. But if your need audience from a certain city or country you can check out our targeted traffic service or you can just contact out sales support at anytime.
Yes, but we don't recommend it. We track our progress by your total number of your audience, and if another campaign of yours is increasing your audience simultaneously, it will count towards the promotion we've done for your content. However, we do over-deliver on all of our orders to account for any organic audience you've received on your page during our campaign. Since we're manually promoting your content, we do not have software to track exactly how many audience we've sent to your page; this type of software is only present with fake audience/bots, as all of the accounts would be in a single person's control, making it much easier to track and differentiate. We are not responsible for replacing audience that weren't built by us as a result of a conflicting third-party campaign. It's for this reason we recommend pausing your other campaigns before placing an order with us.
Please give us a couple of days to kick off your order, as we do have an order queue, and all content are manually promoted. Targeted USA traffic may take an additional day of preparation. We will do our best to complete your order within the estimated delivery time on our website. If you feel it's been longer than a few days before you've seen movement, or if we've exceeded our estimated delivery date, please give us a shout through our contact page, or contact out live support team and we'll give you a status update.
Yes, we stand by our work with a lifetime warranty -- if any of our likes or followers disappear, we will restore them, free of charge (this happens with less than 1% of our orders). We over-deliver on all of our packages to counter any natural drop-off.
Yes! You may also run multiple campaigns simultaneously (even of the same package), should you choose to do so.
We don't require any password or access to your accounts. All of our likes and followers are built with no admin access necessary.
We will send a message to the email address specified during checkout when your service is completed. If you do not see your likes after the specified amount of time on your order, please use our contact page or by our live support chat to send us a message.
This is something that we take very seriously. All of our services are anonymous and discreet. We will never divulge your information to any third party. Our professional reputation rests on helping our clients, so we would never do anything to damage your brand’s image.
We freely admit that there are cheaper alternatives to our services. Do you really want to risk your reputation and your channel itself by using inferior fly-by-night companies ?
RaizeUp offers all 5 services you will ever need for youtube which are (YouTube Views, YouTube Likes, YouTube Dislikes, YouTube Subscribers and YouTube Comments).
Our YouTube Likes/Comments service helps strengthen your YouTube video’s credibility, popularity and encourages discussion on your video. Our Likes and Comments are added manually by our dedicated and knowledgeable YouTube team. This ensures that Likes and Comments will be positive, as well as that comments will be related to your video and encouraging of discussion.
Yes. Every view that you receive from our service is from a real person. We promote your video on either high-traffic websites or Social Media to deliver real views, from real people. Our services are completely compliant with YouTube’s Terms and Conditions.
Yes, they are all real, however not all of them are active. We deliver both active and inactive YouTube Subscribers, so some of your subscribers may watch your videos every time you upload a new one, but many may not. The purpose of our subscriber service is to increase your perceived popularity to convince other YouTube users to subscribe. You’re more likely to get more new subscribers organically if you already have a large subscription base.
No. We acquire real views from a large network of partnered websites that display your video to their visitors, so our YouTube Views services does not violate any of YouTube’s Terms and Conditions. Nonetheless, it is possible that your video may be removed, either due to it’s content (if it violates YouTube’s TOS) or at YouTube’s own discretion.
No, we do not support Adsense with our YouTube Views service. There are very good reasons for this. Our main goal is to deliver views to your video as quickly and safely as possible. Adsense distracts from that goal and decreases our own Visitor-to-Viewer conversion rate, making our service slower and less effective. As such, our system hides any Ads on your video, from the viewers we send you. This can decrease your Ad statistics and can potentially cause other complications with Adsense, so we recommend you disable Adsense while our YouTube Views campaign is running.
No. we'll promote your fans to a general audience, and anybody who decides to like it will like it. Despite what you may read, the only company that can help you with targeted fans is Facebook Ads themselves. If you're looking for fans from a specific state or city, please head to their website to get targeted fans. But we will be adding a targeted feature very soon, keep your eyes on our news section or feel free to contact our live customer support team anytime.
Yes. We're promoting your page to a large audience of people, and whoever decides to like it will like it on their own free will. We do not compensate users for liking pages, nor to we use bots or employ click-farms like many of our competitors.
We strongly recommend removing any page restrictions (whether it be country or age restrictions) from your page prior to placing your order. If you have any restrictions in place, you may receive significantly less fans than you paid for, which we are not responsible for. If you must have your restrictions enabled, please email us before placing your order to discuss with us.
Please give us at least 48 hours to kick off your campaign. Most orders are started in less than 24 hours, but your campaign may require special setup or extra work depending on your page type, the size of your order, and the nature of your request. If you feel it's been too long and you're getting impatient with us, shoot us a friendly email and we'll respond quickly. We'll take great care of you and will work as quickly as possible to get your order moving.
Yes. Although it isn't recommended, we can work alongside a third-party campaign from another company or from Facebook Ads. The reason it isn't recommended is it's easy to confuse our work with the other company, or vice-versa. The majority of the issues we have with our customers are from confused customers who have multiple campaigns from several companies and are not sure which likes are coming from which. The fewer orders you have running simultaneously towards your page, the smaller the chance we'll be confused about which campaign is responsible for results.
Yes. If we're helping you get more Facebook fans on your page, your "likes" count will increase; they are one in the same.
Yes. We work independently of Facebook Ads, so if you have a company that isn't allowed on Facebook Ads (e-Cigarettes, Adult entertainment, etc), we can help you grow it.
Yes, but it's not possible to get likes for a personal Facebook profile. You'll have to enable the "Follow" button on your Facebook profile, and then click "Follows" at the top of this page to order Facebook follows.
The likes we help our clients acquire will stick for life. We're one of the few companies that guarantees our work for life against drop-off, and we work hard to maintain a high quality service.
No; the sky is the limit. We have pricing available up to 1 million fans, but if you need more than that, please contact us for a custom quote. We've helped larger brands and celebrities acquire millions of fans.
Our homepage has a good comparison between us and cheaper companies that offer a similar service. A condensed version of what is on our homepage is this: we're higher quality, we guarantee our work, we're here when you need to contact us, and we won't scam you. Cheaper companies that offer likes for pennies are often using software to create fans that disappear in a few weeks, and they are impossible to get ahold of. With us, you pay for quality.
We've been helping our clients grow their pages for years, and we have yet to have a single one of our customer's pages removed from using our services. Generally, only buying fake likes by the thousands will get you in trouble if they are created by software / proxies. However, we do not use software or proxies to help our clients grow their pages; the likes we help them acquire are real human beings with real profiles. Our service is perfectly safe to use.
We do, and it's built in directly to our order page above. As you slide the bar to the right to increase the amount of likes you want, you'll notice that your discount will increase significantly. Our pricing is as competitive as possible, and our discounts are designed for bulk sellers and resellers alike. At RaizeUp, you're getting the best possible price for our service.
Yes. We work hard to find real users who are active on Instagram to like your profile. We don't incentivize users to like our client's pages, nor do we use software, click-farms, scripts, or any other illegitimate marketing methods.
We work hard to avoid these type of followers, but unfortunately, they make up more than 10% of the social network. A handful of lower quality users is to be expected (this is the nature of social media), but the large majority of the followers you order with us will be high quality. If you receive any followers that are low quality, you can simply block them and we'll deliver more followers to make up for them. Our services are significantly higher than other Instagram marketing services in the industry.
Yes. Every follower has the potential to engage your content with comments or likes. This can vary quite a bit depending on the size of your order and the quality of your content (as with any social media marketing campaign and any social network).
Yes, we guarantee it. We have the highest retention rate in the industry for Instagram followers, and if your Instagram followers drop off for whatever reason, we'll replace them, free of charge. Real followers will always follow your page the longest as they will not be removed from Instagram over time (like fake followers will).
Due to the discounts they come with, our most popular packages are 10,000 followers, 50,000 followers, and 100,000 followers. We give significant discounts once your order hits these milestones. Start with whatever you feel comfortable with; there's no right or wrong choice, and there's no such thing as having too many followers. The more fans you have that are interested in your content and will engage your content, the better.
No. Buying followers on Instagram will not get you banned, and we've never had a customer of ours have any issues with our services. Our services will help grow your account with zero risk.
Yes. If you need a large order than what is listed, simply email us for a custom quote, and our team will get back to you within a business day with a competitive discounted quote. We work with many large companies and celebrities to help them grow a powerful Instagram presence.
Many of our customers do. Having content that is universally well-liked with real people will work wonders towards growing your page, and having more likes and comments will help get you there. We have many clients that regularly order likes and comments for every new post of theirs, which has helped them cultivate a formidable Instagram following. It all comes down to your budget and how aggressive you'd like to grow your page. We don't recommend a small business to purchase 1,000 likes for their latest Instagram photo, for example; that doesn't look very natural for a small local bakery.
See the little heart icon on each of your photo posts? Those are your Instagram likes. We can help you get more of these, which will help increase the visibility of your photo. Photos with more likes go viral much faster than those with few likes.
Yes. Every person who likes your images will be real human profiles. We don't have bots, proxies, fake accounts, automated scripts, or any other shady business to promote our client's photos. We have some of the highest quality Instagram marketing services in the industry.
Generally within 24 hours. We work hard to get new content promoted quickly so that it performs as well as it possibly can. Our clients success is our success.
You can't get likes without followers (well, you can, but not as many). Instagram followers are always number one, and the likes your content gets come in a close second. The combination of having a high Instagram following and having content that is well-liked is what makes for a powerful Instagram presence.
Images that don't have very many likes won't get liked as much; simple as that. If you have an image that has dozens or even hundreds of likes, that image is going to gather likes much more easily than one that doesn't have likes. Not only does having images that are well-liked reflect positively on your brand, but it will help you grow your Instagram profile into an authority. We've seen client's images that started with 100 likes get several thousand likes shortly after; the crowd-effect is a powerful phenomenon.
Instagram comments are the number of people that have said something about your photo. If you have a lot of likes and followers and very few comments, it can look strange to your followers, and may even hurt your photo visibility. Thats where our Instagram comments service comes in; we can significantly increase the amount of comments on your photos by increasing the amount of views to your photo.
Unfortunately, there's no way to pre-determine what the comments will say on your photo. All we can do is find users to get the conversation started or comment on your photo, but we can't force them to say something they wouldn't normally say. Real engagement is the best engagement, and there's no substitute for that. We'll find real people to share their thoughts on your photo, and we're the industry leader in Instagram marketing and cultivating follower engagement, But we will be adding a custom comments feauture very soon, keep your eyes on our news section or feel free to contact our live customer support team at anytime.
Absolutely. Engagement is what makes or breaks and Instagram account, and if your photos have very few likes and comments, your content isn't going to perform as well. When your followers see an image that has plenty of engagement, likes, and comments, they will be much more inclined to like and comment on it as well and contribute to the conversation. What's easier, contributing to what somebody else has to say, or starting a fresh new conversation / comment yourself? Starting conversations and leaving comments on images will get the conversation started and will cultivate engagement.
It depends on the size of your profile. If you have 100 followers and only a few dozen photos, it doesn't make sense to suddenly have thousands of comments on your latest photo. That doesn't look natural. Conversely, if you have a very large account, ordering a small amount of comments may be a drop in the pond and may even go un-noticed. Order a number that makes sense for your page, but in the end, there is no right or wrong number of comments, and there's no such thing as having an Instagram photo be "too popular", especially if you're a business !
This is a question we get asked all the time, and there are a few different ways of answering this depending on what type of account you have, but overall it’s about Guaranteed Results – You’ll always receive the guaranteed number of followers or your money back.For PERSONAL ACCOUNTS : First-impressions are always important, and your Twitter Follower count may be one of the first things people notice; whether they’re a potential fan looking to follow you, or a potential employer looking to hire you. A higher follower count will make you stand out, make potential fans more likely to follow you, and can even give you the competitive advantage that lands you that job or gig you want. We don’t just give you more followers; we work on strengthening your social credibility, reputation and reach. For BUSINESS ACCOUNTS : Twitter has become an essential part in the world of business; both to reach new customers and clients, as well as staying connected with an existing customer-base. The amount of followers your business has allows potential customers glance at your popularity and compare your business with competitors. Having more followers gives your business that competitive edge that lets customers know your business is doing something right. This won’t only encourage people to follow you, but will boost customer confidence, which can increase sales and conversion-rates, and make marketing campaigns more effective. As a result, satisfied clients will share your business more often with their own followers. That’s the power of social proof and that’s what we do.
Yes, you can order multiple times for the same account. You’ll always receive new and unique Twitter Followers each and every time.
The followers you receive from us will never unfollow you, but you may experience natural drops in followers here and there. This is normal and you should always have more followers than you ordered. We have two protection layers for customers: 1. Over-Delivery. We always over-deliver Twitter Followers by at least 10%, so you always receive more followers than you pay for. Since small drops in Twitter Followers can occur from time to time, we essentially replace these followers ahead of time for you. 2. Retention Guarantee. All of our Twitter Follower orders include a complementary 365-Day Retention Guarantee, just in case you lost more followers than we over-deliver by. In these rare cases, we’ll have our team verify your loss and than replace the Twitter Followers you’ve lost from us, free of charge. Our Twitter Followers service is designed for long-term results, and that’s always one of our main priorities. Don’t worry, we have you covered.
Our Twitter Marketing Service is 100% Safe and there is no risk of getting your account suspended. We do not access your account or require you to follow anyone else – The only thing that will happen is that you’ll begin receiving followers naturally. Your account is never at risk !
We want to ensure your order is worked on properly and there aren’t any mistakes, so our team will manually review and verify your order within 24 hours. As such, orders usually begin within 24 to 48 hours after being placed. Sponsored Mentions (optional) are performed by partnered Tweeters after the completion of our Twitter Follower service. Sponsored mentions may take a few days or up to a week to start, depending on current demand for the service.
Yes. We work hard to find real people to follow your profile. We don't incentivize users to follow our client's pages, nor do we use clickfarms/bots/scripts to follow our clients pages.
Yes. Our standard package is un-targeted, but if you're looking for USA-only followers, simply scroll to the top of this page and select it from our menu. Unfortunately we don't support country targeting to any other country at this time, but you're more than welcome to order our standard Twitter services to increase your followers.
Yes. It's much easier for a larger profile to become verified than it is for a smaller one, and we've helped several celebrities and music artists get a head start on the growth of their Twitter profile and eventually go on to become Twitter verified. We recommend having at least 100,000 followers to solidify your chances of becoming verified, as its significantly easier once your profile is that large.
The followers we help our clients acquire will last for life. If for any reason you lose a handful of followers, we'll replenish them, free of charge. Our Twitter services have the highest retention rate in the industry, topping some of the largest Twitter follower providers in the world. We take pride in our work.
The larger your order, the greater of a discount we give. Our most popular by far is our 10,000 follower campaigns and our 50,000 follower campaigns due to the pricing discount at those tiers. For businesses and personal accounts alike, it's also a solid number of followers to have (both are significant milestones to accomplish on the social network).
A small handful of lower quality followers is to be expected with any growth campaign; after all, more than 10% of Twitter is comprised of fake accounts. However, the large majority of the fans we help you acquire will be high quality fans with complete profiles, not "Egg" profiles (profiles with no profile photo and little information filled out in their bio). We aim to keep the quality of our service as high as possible.
Yes. While you may receive other organic retweets on your status during the duration of your campaign (which is outside of our control), all of the tweets that we will help you acquire throughout the duration of our campaigns will be from real human profiles. We don't use any clickfarms, bots, or scripts to get retweets for our customers, nor do we pay users.
Yes. Feel free to submit as many orders as you like. We have many clients who will submit dozens of orders per week for every Tweet on their profile. Tweets with a high number of retweets tend to be shared and favorited much more often than those with zero retweets; the crowd-effect is especially effective on Twitter, as people feel more confident sharing something that is universally liked.
Our retweets will be drip-fed, as it takes some time to find enough people to retweet your status. Your retweets won't come in all at once in a flood like some of the other services out there; it will take at least a few days for us to finish your order, or longer if its a very large order.
They can, but this isn't something we guarantee. Some Twitter users have a larger following than others; we've had customers get their tweet retweeted by a user with hundreds of thousands of followers and their tweet went viral. It varies on the quality of your tweet and the size of your order.
A Twitter like is the closest thing to a Facebook "Like" button on Twitter. By getting more likes on your post, your status will get more visibility, as well as increase in visibility in your followers feeds.
They can drive indirect traffic. When followers click to see the tweets a user has liked, or when your followers click a tweet to see who has liked it, you will receive indirect traffic to your tweet and/or website. However, if traffic and visibility is your goal, retweets will have a much higher impact. The combination of both tweets and likes is recommended.
Yes. you can buy as many likes as you like to a tweet with zero negative effects. We've never had a customer's tweet deleted or their account banned as a result of using our service.
All we need is the URL of the tweet you'd like us to promote. We don't need your login details to promote your tweet. To find your tweet URL, click the date link on your tweet, which will take you to a direct URL of your tweet.
No. You'll need to temporarily open your profile to the public for us to promote a tweet on a protected profile, as the only people who can see your tweets when you have protected profile are those that are following you.
We guarantee our Twitter likes service for life. If for whatever reason people un-like your tweet or some of them disappear, we'll replenish them, free of charge. We have the highest retention rate out of any Twitter marketing provider since we promote your tweet to real human fans (as opposed to fake bot accounts that are deleted after a few weeks).
Not always. Due to the viral nature of retweets, once a handful of people retweet your tweet, their followers will also retweet your tweet. This means that there's a fair chance that you'll receive more retweets than you paid for. If you're looking for a certain number of retweets, start slightly smaller than the target number of retweets you're looking for.
We offer seven unique services to help you boost your SoundCloud popularity and exposure. SoundCloud Followers – Our followers service will quickly increase your SoundCloud following to boost your overall credibility and encourage others to follow you. SoundCloud Plays – Our plays service will boost your track’s play count to a guaranteed amount by promoting it to a general audience of listeners. SoundCloud Likes – Increase your track’s like count by a guaranteed amount. Available as an Add-On with SoundCloud Plays. SoundCloud Reposts – Increase your track’s number of reposts by a guaranteed amount. Available as an Add-On with SoundCloud Plays. SoundCloud Comments – Gain custom comments on your tracks, guaranteed. Available as an Add-On with SoundCloud Plays. Search Engine Optimization (Coming Soon) – Improve your track’s ranking on Google to increase organic listeners and exposure. Available as an Add-On with SoundCloud Plays or separately.
We can deliver over millions of SoundCloud plays to a single track.
Yes. All SoundCloud plays are from real people. We utilize high-traffic websites to promote tracks and deliver real plays. Unfortunately, listeners are likely un-targeted.
Yes ! All of those services are available in-addition to other soundcloud services.
No problem! Just purchase one of our bigger plans, and select the box that says, “Multiple Tracks.” Then enter a unique URL for each track that you’d like to have increased plays.
We use many different ways to promote your music, such as blogs, websites, twitter, facebook and many more companies we are partnered with.
Our service is very safe, because it complies with SoundCloud’s Terms of Service. We promote your tracks on high-traffic websites or through social media to get real plays from real people.

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